7 Reasons it matters for you to work with a Realtor -

Why You Should Use a Realtor:

A Short, Useful Guide


Realtors make a huge difference in the lives of home buyers. They are useful in more ways than one and get you the most out of your time and money. So, here are a few reasons why you should hire (and thank!) a realtor for all that they contribute to your life and community:


  1. A True Specialist: Selling a home requires an expansive knowledge of forms, disclosures, various other technical documents, and reports. That’s a lot of work! That expert can help you make the best decisions for your property, and help you avoid making costly mistakes. Also, they speak a completely different language: jargon! There are a multitude of definitions and “strange” words that aren’t in your vocabulary. Realtors help you navigate a strange world and make it easy to understand.

  2. Negotiation Comprehension: There’s more than a few factors that lead up to brokering a deal. A good realtor will look at every angle from your perspective (and from a buyer’s) to make sure your time is not wasted. Good agents aren’t messengers, they’re professionals.

  3. Buffering Help: Agents weed out useful information about buying and listings. Once others hear the word that you want to buy or sell, there are bound to be crazies that want to coerce you into bad offers. You don’t need to sign anything immediately. Let your realtor handle the mess to make your life easier.

  4. Market Condition Knowledge: Agents can disclose current market conditions, to give you up-to-date knowledge that you need to know. Factors such as average square footage, average and median sales prices, average days on the market, and others influence buying and selling decisions. It can have a large bearing on what you decide to ultimately do.

  5. Networking: Real estate agents network with other professionals, to exchange know-how. They may be able to provide services (and excellent prices) that make your life easier. Your realtor knows what vendors to trust, their confidentiality, price range, and competency. They know who to recommend, and who to leave out of the conversation, no internet required!

  6. After-Closing Questions: Event smooth transactions can leave behind mistakes that can haunt someone later in life. Mixed-up invoices, tax assessments, proper documentation, or transfer taxes can fall months behind schedule and make you unhappy. Lots of questions can pop up in the excitement of closing. However, one call to your agent can help straighten out any kind of confusion. Good agents are on standby and always ready to assist, while great agents won’t leave you behind in the dust.

  7. Future Relationships: An realtor’s career thrives on referrals and great reviews. After all, how were they found in the first place? Not many would survive on drumming up new business on their own. This gives the incentive to make sure every client is fulfilled and satisfied. An agent who stays in business means that they have an opportunity to work with you again. If you allow it, they’ll be sure to stay in touch!

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